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Hair Removal Machine

When it comes to portable hair removal machine, one of the most popular machines in this category is IPL hair removal machine that is effective on a range of skin tones. The machine works by destroying hair and prevent its growth by targeting the melamine in hair follicles. There are also laser hair removal machines in the range which uses laser for the same purpose.

Hydra Facial Machine

Those who want to reduce skin issues, like acne, hyper pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines often opt for treatment using modern equipment, like hydra facial machine. This machine can be used for performing cleansing, acid peel, extraction, serum infusion and other steps of the facial.

Tattoo Removal Machine

Those who want to get their tattoos removed often take help of professionals who use a tattoo removal machine for this task. Eco Tattoo Removal Machine in the range does not use chemicals or laser to remove tattoo, but organic ingredients which get into the skin and draw the ink to the surface. These machines remove tattoo without causing burns, scarring, and skin damage.

Laser Machine

A laser machine that can be a solution to several skin issues is Q-Switched Laser Machine. This machine quickly switches on and off the laser in order to create short pulses of high-energy light that targets skin pigments. It can be used for removing birthmarks, freckles, fine lines and tattoos.


Weight Loss Machine

A weight loss machine is a solution for those who are looking to lose fat in targeted areas of the body. Not only the machine burns fat, but also promote metabolism and the growth of muscles. It is important that a professional operates this machine to ensure the safety of client.